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The original Buddha did not create the law of cause and effect, He became enlightened to its existence and function. So this idea of cause and effect is not based on a Supreme Being's will, or a man's personal belief. It is based on the ultimate reality that encompasses all existence throughout the universe and for all time". Our various difficulties are not caused by the divine punishment or coincidence. We must realize that our suffering are caused by our karma due to our slander of the True Law in past lives and the present.

Nichiren Daishonin teaches: " It is impossible to fathom one's karma ... My present exile is not because of any crime. It is solely so that I may expiate in this lifetime my past heavy slanders and be freed from the three evil paths in the next...How terrible are the slanders Nichiren committed in his past and present existences! Since you have been born into this evil country and become a disciple of such a man, there is no telling what you may have to endure".

We must eradicate our negative karma from the past through our sincere practice of Jigyo and Keta, that is practice for oneself and for others.

Lessening one's karmic retribution

REFERENCE;The Doctrines and Practice of Nichiren Shoshu Nichiren Shoshu Overseas Bureau


Nichiren Daishonin expounds the doctrine of lessening one's karmic retribution as follows

The principle of lessening one's karmic retribution is taught in the Nirvana Sutra.


 If one does not expiate the heavy karma from the past during this lifetime, then in the future one must experience the sufferings of hell; however, if one undergoes serious hardship during this lifetime, he or she will see the sufferings of hell instantly vanish.


Upon this person's death, they will acquire the blessings of rapture and tranquility, as well as those of the three vehicles and the supreme vehicle.(Gosho, p. 480


Quoting from the Shinjikan Sutra, the Daishonin teaches us the following in the "Opening of the Eyes

If you want tounderstand the causes made in the past, look at the results in the present. If you want to understand what results will be manifested in the future, look at the causes that are made in the present(Gosho, p. 571


There are two kinds of karma, positive karma and negative karma.

Generally speaking, the word "karma" has often been used with the negative connotation, referring to the karma brought forth by having committed many offenses. We often use such words as "deep or heavy karma" and "karmic illness."

The Daishonin states in the "Attainment of Buddhahood for Women


All common mortals enter the world of delusion leaving behind the palace of the essential nature of phenomena. Within the categories of mental, verbal and physical acts, they accumulate much negative karma and little good karma. Throughout the beginningless and endless cycle of birth and death, living beings have accumulated deep, negative karma.(Gosho, p. 344


In Mappo (this Age ), the depth of negative karma is judged according to the ten evil acts and five cardinal sins. The ten evil acts are the three physical evils (killing, stealing, unlawful sexual intercourse); the four verbal evils (lying, flattery, random or irresponsible speech, defaming and duplicity); the three mental evils (greed, anger, stupidity); and the holding of mistaken views. The five cardinal sins are the five types of offenses which will cause one to fall into the hell of incessant suffering. They are 1. killing one's father; 2. killing one's mother; 3. killing an arhat; 4. injuring a Buddha; 5. causing disunity among believers


The Nirvana Sutra expounds the three principles relating to lessening one's karmic retribution:

กค          the power of wisdom,

กค         the fortune accumulated through faith and practice

กค          the blessings obtained by protecting the Law

Men of learning who have the power of wisdom, even if you commit evil acts in the present, if you do the correct practice and have the correct mind and wisdom, you can lessen your karmic retribution and not fall into the hell of incessant suffering. Men of devout faith, you committed countless sins and accumulated much evil karma in the past. It is due to the blessings obtained by protecting the Law that you can diminish in this lifetime your suffering and retribution.(Nirvana Sutra, vol. 29)


The Daishonin expounds in the "Letter from Sado" and in the "Opening of the Eyes


The Hatsunaion Sutra reads, "You, men of devout faith, have committed innumerable sins in the past and have accumulated much evil karma. Because of this, you should expect to suffer retribution for everything you have done. It may happen that you will be reviled, have the misfortune to have an ugly appearance...(omission)..." One can diminish his or her suffering and retribution in this lifetime because of the blessings one accumulates by protecting the Law.

(Gosho, pp. 582, 572

Buddhism teaches that due to the Law of cause and effect, it is only natural to receive heavy retribution if one has heavy karma. However, by believing in and protecting the True Law, one can lessen one's karmic retribution. The is the great benefit that serves to protect the believer.

This is the doctrine of lessening karmic retribution taught by the Daishonin.

 In "Letter to the Brothers" He states

This means that we, who are now believing in the True Law, once created the evil cause of persecuting its votary in the past. We should therefore be destined to fall into a terrible hell in the future. However, the blessings gained by practicing the True Law are so great that we can change our karma to suffer deeply in the future by meeting relatively minor sufferings in this lifetime.(Gosho, p. 981



The Eradication of Negative Karma

We must Protect the Law




When one takes faith in the True law, and deepens one's faith and practice, doing shakubuku and reshakubuku ( Telling people about this Buddhism and encouraging them to practice ), one will always confront various kinds of hardships.


There is a distinction between changing karma, lessening karmic retribution and eradicating negative karma through propagating the Law. The tremendous wonderful cause of propagating the supreme truth and reality of the Universe as the Mystic Law may bring on obstacles as we make enormous changes in our own lives and help others make their own changes for absolute happiness,

This is an opportunity to break through the huge vistas and enormous spaces of inner consciousness illuminating and breaking through vast terrains until we access the ultimate ocean of enlightenment of the living Universe.


We should never give up our practice to the Gohonzon because we are discouraged when we experience hardships. Many people are inclined to look only at the present circumstances, and fail to reflect on their attitude in faith. Let us never doubt the power of the Buddha and Law and as a result, backslide in our practice. Karma doesn't simply vanish just because one prays to the Gohonzon. Negative causes that were made must result in negative effects. This is just the fact of cause and effect.


The Daishonin stated the following


When the time comes for me to transcend the sufferings of birth and death and attain Buddhahood, it will only be after I have completely freed myself from these grave offenses.(Gosho, p. 573, "The Opening of the Eyes


Without the eradication of these heavy offenses one will never attain enlightenment. Individuals who receive negative effects can lessen their heavy offenses. If one continually builds strong faith, the Buddha's wisdom will come forth and positive and negative karma from the past will come forth without ceasing. As we gain more wisdom we will be able to surf on the waves of life gaining more insight in to the nature of ourselves , our karmic patterns and how we can change unhelpful and archaic and painful ways to constructive ways which enhance our well being. It is an acceleration process which is very mystical as synchronicity heats up and is made manifest and is also like a healing crisis where the dis-ease comes to the surface in order to be released. Then our life is purified. It is particularly purified through the attitude of sincere faith and devotion when sins vanish under the sun of the Lotus Sutra


- I experience immeasurable delight even though I am now an exile. . I shed my tears not for worldly affairs Joy as well as sorrow moves us to tears. Tears express our feelings for both blessings and misfor- tune. The one thousand arhats shed tears in memory of the Buddha, and in tears Bodhisattva Manjushri chanted Myoho-renge-kyo. From among those one thousand arhats, the Venerable Ananda replied in tears, "This is what heard." The tears of all the others fell, wetting their inkstones, and they wrote Myoho-renge-kyo, followed by "This is what I heard." I, Nichiren, now feel exactly as they did. I am now in exile because I spread the five and seven characters of Myoho-renge-kyo. I spread this teaching because "This is what I heard": Shakyamuni Bud- dha and Many Treasures Buddha left Myoho-renge-kyo for the future and for all living beings in the country --The True Aspect of all phenomena


The Daishonin states


Benefit is good fortune coming from the purification of the six senses.(Gosho, p. 1775, Ongi kuden


If people want to repent, they should sit upright and ponder the ultimate reality.Their sins, like frost and dew, will vanish under the sun of the Lotus Sutra.("The Fugen Sutra)


As we strengthen our faith and practice as we confront hardships, through the effect of lessening karmic retribution, we will gain great benefit.


In Reply to Kyo Dono The Dashonin says


In inscribing this Gohonzon for her protection, Nichiren is equal to the lion king. This is what the sutra means by "the power of an attacking lion."1 Believe in this mandala with all your heart. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like the roar of a lion. What sickness can therefore be an obstacle?


No matter what kind of negative karma we are facing, we must understand that it is a result of our own doing. What this means is that we are at cause for our own individual lives. By taking responsibility for our lives we commit, challenge and overcome absolutely any obstacle or illness!! This is lessening our karmic retribution through the practice of True Buddhism .


 Many believers experience doubts when they encounter accidents and illnesses.

However, it is important to build an even stronger determination through absolute faith in the Gohonzon.


 The Twenty-sixth High Priest, Nichikan Shonin stated:


If one believes in this Object of Worship and chants Daimoku, there is no prayer that will go unanswered, no sin that will not be eradicated, no fortune that will fail to become evident.("Exegesis on the 'True Object of Worship, '" Mondan shu, p. 443)


Nichiren Daishonin who overcame all persecutions as the votary of the Lotus a tremendous example to us all!!

With unwavering faith and practice we can overcome whatever hardships may occur and create wonderful circumstances for ourselves .


Reference;The Doctrines and Practice of Nichiren Shoshu Nichiren Shoshu Overseas Bureau