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Inconspicuous and Conspicuous Benefits


The Doctrines and Practice of Nichiren Shoshu Nichiren Shoshu Overseas Bureau In Buddhism there are two types of benefit, conspicuous and inconspicuous. "Conspicuous" means to clearly appear. Conspicuous benefit appears directly in a visible form as a result of one's Buddhist practice.



On the other hand, "inconspicuous" means to be hidden deep down inside. Therefore, inconspicuous benefit does not immediately manifest itself in an obvious manner, but one receives it without realizing it.


The Daishonin wrote in "Reply to Sairen-bo


When votaries of the Lotus Sutra entrust themselves entirely to the Lotus Sutra, neither backsliding in faith nor being sycophantic, and practice according to the Buddha's Golden Words, not only will their next life be secure, but this one too will be extended and secure. They will enjoy wondrous great blessings.(Gosho, p. 642


By consistently upholding strong faith and practicing Buddhism with a firm resolve, we receive unsurpassed and wonderful rewards in our life in the two existences of the present and the future


The Inconspicuous Benefit of Attaining Enlightenment in One's Present Form

The appearance of benefits in a visible form during the phase of Sowing is only a small part of the enormous virtue of the Gohonzon. We tend to get caught up in seeking immediate benefit. But one who believes in the Gohonzon and chants Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo will transform earthly desires and sufferings into supreme happiness and wisdom. One can naturally receive the inconspicuous benefit which is the greatest merit of faith-attaining Buddhahood in one's present form.


The Daishonin expounds in "The Doctrine of Ichinen Sanzen" as follows

If votaries of the Lotus Sutra practice according to the teachings of the Lotus Sutra, then every one of them without exception will be able to attain Buddhahood in their lifetime.(Gosho, p. 110)


In his "Exegesis on the 'True Object of Worship'" (Kanjin no honzon sho mondan), Twenty-sixth High Priest Nichikan Shonin teaches


The merit of this Object of Worship is infinite and boundless; its unfathomable, wondrous functions are all-encompassing and profound. Therefore, if even for a short moment one believes in this Object of Worship and chants Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, no prayer will fail to be answered, no sin will fail to be expiated, no fortune will fail to come, and no truth will fail to become evident. (Mondan shu, p. 443)


The Doctrines and Practice of Nichiren Shoshu Nichiren Shoshu Overseas Bureau The Doctrines and Practice of Nichiren Shoshu