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The Ocean of the Law


4:55 p.m.


All people equally possess the Buddha nature.


The ocean has eight mysterious qualities. First, the ocean becomes gradually deeper and deeper. Second, its bottom is too deep to fathom. Third, its salty taste is identical everywhere. Fourth, its tides rise and fall regularly. Fifth, it houses various treasures. Sixth, living beings of great stature reside in it. Seventh, the ocean rids itself of corpses. Eighth, though it absorbs all rivers and heavy rainfalls, its volume neither increases nor decreases.

The first quality, "the ocean becomes gradually deeper and deeper, " means figuratively that the Lotus Sutra gradually leads all people, from common mortals who lack understanding to sages who have understanding, to attain the way of Buddhahood. "Its bottom is too deep to fathom" indicates that the realm of the Lotus Sutra can be understood and shared only between Buddhas; bodhisattvas at the stage of togaku or below cannot possibly realize it. As for the quality, "its salty taste is identical everywhere": All the various rivers, which contain no salt, are comparable to the sutras other than the Lotus Sutra, which cannot enable anyone to attain enlightenment. Just as the water of all rivers eventually flows into the ocean and becomes salty, so all the people of different capacities instructed through the various provisional teachings are eventually enabled to attain the path of buddhahood by taking faith in the Lotus Sutra. "Its tides rise and fall regularly" indicates that those who embrace the Mystic Law will surely attain the stage of non-regression, even if they should lose their lives. "It houses various treasures" means that the practices and virtuous deeds of all Buddhas and bodhisattvas, as well as the benefits of the paramitas, are all contained within the Mystic Law. As for the quality, "living beings of great stature reside in it," Buddhas and bodhisattvas are here referred to as "living beings of great stature, " because they possess great wisdom. The great stature, the great aspiring mind, the great extraordinary features, the great evil-conquering forces, the great preaching, the great authority, the great occult powers, the great compassion of these Buddhas and bodhisattvas--all originate from the Lotus Sutra. "The ocean rids itself of corpses" means that through the Lotus Sutra one can free himself for all eternity from the offense of slandering the Law or of having incorrigible disbelief. The eighth quality, "its volume neither increases nor decreases, " means that the heart of the Lotus Sutra is the teaching that all people equally possess the Buddha nature.

The Universal Salty Taste- Doitsu Kanmi Gosho -Nichiren Daishonin


This is a very profound statement about the Law which is likened to an entity as vast as the Great Ocean. We are like waves of potentiality on a Sea of Quantum reality. The quantum realm is the fountainhead of pure potentiality, giving rise to the raw material of our body, our mind, and the physical universe. The quantum realm is the womb of creation, the invisible world where the visible is designed and assembled. The practical essence of this new understanding is that human beings can gain enlightenment and revitalise themselves.


The Lotus Sutra--The Eternal Truth

Your essential nature, who you really are, is the domain of ever-present witnessing awareness that is beyond your physical and mental layers. It is the 9th consciousness, the essence of enlightenment in the Universe This field of consciousness gives rise to both the thoughts in our minds and the molecules in our bodies. Tapping into this realm of awareness by chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo where time and space have no meaning is the basis of emotional and physical renewal. Accessing this field of pure potentiality has spiritual as well as physical consequences. Knowing your essential self as a local and nonlocal being, inextricably interrelated to everything else in the cosmos, awakens greater creativity, meaning, and purpose in life.

The most profound way to improve health and reverse aging is to chant to the Dai Gohonzon By chanting we open the door to the evolution of consciousness, which can create the better World we seek for.. The spiritual approach of chanting Daimoku means that we expand our awareness, even while focusing our attention and intention locally. We all seek for satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness. Chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo which is the source and goal of all desires in life, and the essence of enlightenment itself creates the possibility for satisfaction, happiness, and fulfillment independent of the inevitably changing situations, circumstances, and people that surround us. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is like the roar of a Lion. We ourselves overcome all obstacles and penetrate our benighted nature until only pure consciousness remains--the diamond like life of the heart centred individual.