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The Ultimate Principle

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

By chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo we plum the very depths of the unconscious reaching through the vast interiors of our souls and our contnuum of life until we break through to the very causal nexus of existence itself.It is a vast journey of exploration expanding the light of consciousness into the immense realms of our patterning, the matrix of delusion imprinted on us from birth, the core of our body`s feelings and appetites, to the truth and dignity of our very beingness.



Nichiren Daishonin created the tools or technology to alleviate the sufferings of Humankind.When you chant to the Dai Gohonzon you are facing yourself, the infinity of your life and the life of the universe which are inseparable. Paradoxically this state of aloneness is compensated by your interdependence and connection with all things.What Nichiren Daishonin uncovered in the depths of his soul is the greatest of discovery ever, for the Mystic truth innate in the Universe and all Humankind allows us all to attain and establish absolute happiness in our lives in this life time. We have our lives in our hands!!


Through all ages, men have tried to fathom the meaning of life. They have realized that if some direction or meaning could be given to our actions, great human forces would be unleashed. So, very many answers must have been given to the question of the meaning of it all. But they have been of all different sorts, and the proponents of one answer have looked with horror at the actions of the believers in another. Horror, because from a disagreeing point of view all the great potentialities of the race were being channeled into a false and confining blind alley. ... The dream is to find the open channel. (The Physicist Richard P. Feynman)


With Nam Myoho Renge Kyo we are dealing with the unbounded constantly changing essence of things manifesting as a dynamic entity which brings to life its abiding force wisdom and search for truth and meaning. It is a Law which once hidden is now invoked and revealed in the heart of Humankind. We may not understand this and before did not even have a name for this but like the scientific discovery elucidating the secret of flight, Nichiren Daishonin discovered this profound Law of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.


"The ultimate principle originally had no name. But when the sage was pondering this principle as he was giving names to all things, he realized that this principle was the single mystic law of the simultaneity of cause and effect. He named this law Myoho-Renge. This single law of Myoho-Renge encompasses without flaw or provision all phenomena within the ten worlds and the three thousand realms. One who practices this law simultaneously engenders within himself the causes and effects of the Buddha. When the sage adopted this law as his master, his practice awakened him to the path of the Buddha, as a result of which he simultaneously experienced the mystic cause and the mystic effect. In this way, he became a Buddha fully endowed with mystic enlightenment." (Gosho, p. 695)


The Buddha of limitless joy from eternal time without beginning,


Nichikan Shonin stated:

"The primary practice is none other than Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, which encompasses the true purpose of the advent of all the Buddhas in the three periods of past present and future, the core of the twenty-eight chapters of the Lotus Sutra, the heart of the Juryo chapter of the essential teachings, the great Law that is hidden in the depths of the Juryo chapter, the true essence that is difficult to comprehend, the fusion of reality and wisdom, the very existence of the Buddha of limitless joy from eternal time without beginning, three thousand worlds in a momentary state of existence and the Buddha's endowment of the three properties." (Nichiren Shoshu Seiten, p. 922)