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Major Writings Volume 7

The Essence of the Yakuo Chapter
Letter from Echi
Reply to Sairen-bo
On Prayer
The Entity of the Mystic Law
Reply to Ko Nyudo
Letter to Horen
The Bow and Arrow
The Third Doctrine
The Wonderful Means of Surmounting Obstacles
No Safety in the Threefold World
Reply to the Followers
Reply to Tokimitsu
The Teaching in Accordance with the Buddha's Own Mind
The Unmatched Fortune of the Law
Reply to Lord Matsuno's Wife
On the Urabon
King Rinda
The Third Day of the New Year
Letter to Akimoto
Jozo and Jogen
The Doctrine of Attaining Buddhahood in One's Present Form
White Horses and White Swans
Reply to the Mother of Lord Ueno
Bodhisattva Hachiman
Reply to Lady Onichi-nyo
Clear Sake Gosho
Reply to Jibu-bo
Roots of Good Fortune