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The Property of Rice

And it is also this way with rice. While the rice itself is the same, that rice which nourishes a slanderer of the Law supports the life of one who destroys the seeds of Buddhahood, enabling him to become a more powerful enemy than ever. And yet, does it not sustain his life so that he will in the end be won over to the Lotus Sutra? On the other hand, rice which nourishes the votary of the Lotus Sutra must be rice of the utmost compassion, because it benefits all living beings. This is what is meant by the Buddha's relics turning into rice. I cannot express my joy at your having sent a messenger all the way here at such a time. Can it be that Shakyamuni Buddha or the Bodhisattvas of the Earth have entered into your body?

I entrust you with the propagation of Buddhism in your province. Because the seeds of Buddhahood sprout in response to the proper influence, one expounds the teaching of the one vehicle. If Jibu-bo, Shimotsuke-bo or the others should arrive, I will send them with out delay. And if you have an opportunity to see Lord Matsuno, please carefully explain what I have said.