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Major Writings Volume 1

On Attaining Buddhahood
A Ship to Cross the Sea of Suffering
The Persecution at Tatsunokuchi
Lessening the Karmic Retribution
Heritage of the Ultimate Law of Life
On the Treasure Tower
Letter from Sado
The True Object of Worship
Cover Letter
The True Entity of Life
On Practicing the Buddha's Teachings
On the Buddha's Prophecy
Reply to Kyo-o
The Swords of Good and Evil
The Difficulty of Sustaining Faith
Letter to the Brothers
Winter Always Turns to Spring
On Itai Doshin
The Embankments of Faith
Happiness In This World
Admonitions against Slander
Propagation by the Wise
On the Buddha's Behavior
The Eight Winds
The Real Aspect of the Gohonzon
On Flowers and Seeds
The One Essential Phrase
General Stone Tiger
On Prolonging Life
Letter to Jakunichi-bo
On Persecutions Befalling the Buddha
Strategy of the Lotus Sutra
The Dragon Gate
Letter to Niike
The Person and the Law
The Gift of Rice
New Year's Gosho