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Nichiren Shoshu




Would you like to explore a new belief system and gain ways to be truly free and explore and lead the life that you wish to create?

The Buddhism of the Mystic Law expresses the very essence of universal life within ourselves It is the ultimate expression of the life force within us  which is inseparably related to the society and the environment we live in.

Do you wish to awaken to your own truth and gain the power to create your life in the way you want?


The Buddhism of the Mystic Law expresses;

1.  A paradigm shift in the way we view our picture of reality. The world view of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is that the universe is living. Through our connection with universal consciousness we achieve self empowerment, self actualization and enlightenment.

2.  Quantum Reality

Nam Myoho Renge Kyo expresses the simultaneity of the law of cause and effect which is a quantum process. It also expresses implicitly the understanding that we have the facility to heal and empower both ourselves and others where ever they may be either alive or deceased.

3.  We can create our reality

 We enhance our lives to create the fortune and happiness that is within the deepest core of our being. Through the power of intention and focus and prayer by  chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo we align ourselves with the creative process originating within our consciousness and interrelated with the whole universe. By  chanting we realize that we are all connected in an interdependent wholeness.

4.  Our ability to heal the past

Chanting is like peeling the skin of an onion. As we gradually let go of the past and access our truth we can understand our old responses and get to the root of our wounding.  Our defences become resolved as we begin to understand that the core of our being is compassion.  We see our life change in remarkable ways both within and around us.


Nichiren Buddhist Society International


This centre has been formed in order to facilitate the awakening to the Mystic Law, the absolute and perfect principle, intrinsic to the Universe, defined and crystallized by Nichiren Daishonin.

The lineage of wisdom which is Buddhism was handed down from Shakymuni Buddha through the great scholars and masters of the Hinayana and Mahayana teachings to the Buddha of the Essential Teaching Nichiren Dai Shonin - the original Buddha of time without beginning (Kuon Ganjo).

Once we chant we begin to break through the matrix of delusion and begin to regain control and mastery of our lives, happiness and real compassion, not only for ourselves but for our family, friends and community. Chanting is a tremendous experience. We unravel our human potential, renew our immune system and brain and start to find who we really are!

 Contact Information

If you wish to learn more about Nichiren Buddhism and attend meetings , we can advise you. We are also able to speak to you over the phone and encourage you in your practice of chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Our aim is to provide a support service for anybody who wishes to chant and create happiness and enlightenment for themselves, wellbeing for all of humanity and a peaceful world. Please contact us.




There are many people who chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo in the World. This Web Site asks all Bodhisattvas to transcend all differences between them and be of one mind by invoking the Great Secret Law of The Universe. Let us join together at this critical juncture in the evolution of Humanity and the Planet and chant together for World Peace through the propagation of this wisdom creativity, consciousness and compassion. A new planetary consciousness is required to save the World. It is an integral enlightened embracing wisdom which is our true nature and enables us to solve world problems from a new perspective. A comprehensive compassion can save this world based on the inner truth and empowerment of each Human Being. Join our discussion group that we may interconnect and cooperate with each other. We can be the critical mass which makes the difference. For more detail information, please refer to this document - MiddleWay.PDF (Acrobat format) or MiddleWay.DOC (Word format).


For the emancipation and freedom of all Humankind